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Boldacious is a funky, soulful phenomenal web show that ignites healing in the midst of people’s day, every day. Small dosages of healing and inspiration are at one’s finger tips through their phones, tablets or computers.

This web show bridges technology and spirituality creating a virtual sweet spot where healing ignites change and electrifies the current power within. The show offers original programming providing daily soulful servings of innovative wisdom, untold dynamic stories, outrageous laughter and uncontainable  healing and delight. 



I am here to electrify your Soul & kindle the fire of your Spirit.   Are you ready? Let's clean out the cobwebs of worry, doubt and uncertainity and develop an actionable plan that will catapult you to the next level. 


This is the bottom line: YOUR exquisite season to live boldly and deeply from your greatness is NOW. Today, not tomorrow, not next year. Now.  




Let's work together to fashion an innovative plan that will have you living BOLDLY by exceeding your own expectation of joy and have you declaring YES, I AM BOLDACIOUS!


This is a plan that captures your innermost desires and intentions and translates them into action steps that reflect your unique voice.


Here is what you get monthly:


  • Four 30 minute coaching calls

  • A strategic action and accountability plan ( the right push and support needed) that is just your right size

  • Access to me by email during the week

  • Skills you can use and adapt as you continue to grow and thrive

  • Entrance to Boldacious Live Events



                                BOOK ME

                             I ROCK THE MIC, I ROCK THE MIC RIGHT

I electrify the audience by igniting their hunger for BOLD change. 



Every talk is designed to meet and exceed the goals and expectations of the audience.  
Whether addressing entrepreneurship and business, lifestyle transition, transforming education in schools or bridging the gap from seeing your vision to living your vision , I peel back the layers of frill and deliver the Truth with boldness and elegance.
Your audience will receive leading edge, out of the box information that they can implement immediately in practical steps.
This is high impact inspirational (and entertaining) material that will leave individuals inspired to make change.






                                              *Keynote speeches  ​                                         

                                              *TV spots   

                                              *Live talks                                     

                                              *Event/panel hosting                                                                                               *Interviews                        



Receive rich weekly servings of innovative wisdom, unconditional support, outrageous laughter and uncontainable healing. 


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 
Howard Thurman


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