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Awwwww Snap! All He!! has broken loose.


To He!! with circumstances, I create MY OWN opportunities 


This week's topic: To he!! with circumstances, I CREATE MY OWN OPPORTUNITIES provides just the right amount of straight-no-chaser serum to bring you back to Truth. The fact is your circumstances are not the determiner of you; YOU are the determiner of your circumstances.


Fear knocked on the door,

  FAITH opened it and no one was there

Need a little shot of BOLDNESS and a teaspoon of COURAGE in your day today? 


I know sometimes fear shows up in our lives unannounced and unwanted. It even has the tendency to try to hang out in our space as though it is welcomed company. But no worries, take 3-5 minutes today to see how courage handles fear by watching this video.



A CLOSED hand (heart, mind, spirit) cannot OPEN gifts 

Have you ever found yourself holding on to something that you need to let go of. This can be memories, regret, relationships, perceived failures and successes, any of it. Today, I invite you to take a few minutes and reflect on what is taking up space in your life that needs to be surrendered.


What are you holding tightly in your hand (your heart, your mind, your spirit) that is preventing you from receiving your treasures that are here for you NOW? Remember it is in the act of letting go that miracles, blessings and grace flow abundantly.



Praise Partner---Got One? K 2​

Last week I shared about a time I was curled up tightly in a ball in a corner; overcome with tears, anger and disappointment and expressing those feelings with some very choice words and phrases. 


I felt betrayed by Life, the Universe, the Law of (love, attraction, prosperity, etc.) and was intent on making it clear to them and the empty room how upset I was.


I was like this for days. I didn't feel like talking, meditating, visioning or doing anything. I simply didn't feel like it and didn't want to. But then a special gift showed up and those feelings begin to fall away and dissipate.  In today's episode of Boldacious TV, I share the power of that gift and why everyone should have one. 


YES, The Spotlight is on You. 

It is time to celebrate you and shine your spotlight expressing the perfect gift of God that dwells within you. Give yourself permission to live out the blue print of your soul and to do so without hesitation or apology.  You are someone’s answered prayer right now, just as you are, and there is no need to shy away from this truth. Shine your essence and be bold in your truth. 

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